On July 7th, 2017 SAY Sí presented the opening of Stories Seldom Told: Less than Equal, an artistic study of educational inequity in San Antonio and its effects on our youth.

With the annual Stories Seldom Told exhibition series, SAY Sí student-artists are challenged to critically examine issues that they feel are often ignored. After voting on a topic, the young artists work with mentors to conduct intensive research. Artists then collaboratively present their findings and generate ideas to create multimedia art installations that express those findings. The goal is for youth to present these issues with fairness and honesty. In previous years, students have explored issues of race, gender, mental health, poverty and corporate America. This year students chose to explore inequity evident in their education system.

Isaiah Moseley, SAY Sí high school Visual Artist, the process has empowered youth-artists to spark conversation within their communities. “As a kid who has been in and around different school districts,” says Moseley, “the inequalities are really obvious in terms of resources and the opportunities schools offer their students. This project is helping us learn and explore the details of the system and how unfair it is for children of different backgrounds.“

Stories Seldom Told: Less than Equal provokes audiences to consider how young people are affected by issues such as: standardized testing, policing in schools, special education and unequal access to resources. Young artists have created work that prompts viewers to discuss, reevaluate and seek solutions to their topic. 

Stories Seldom Told: Less Than Equal
Exhibition Runs Through August 25, 2017
SAY Sí will be closed July 24 – August 7, 2017
SAY Sí I 1518 South Alamo I San Antonio, Tx 78204

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