Home for Innovation and Video Ecology

In the HIVE New Media Studio, students produce digital and tech-based work, tie visual art and narrative together, consider interactivity as a feature of art, and explore new artforms.

With four major themed projects per year, students jump between various modes of production. Working sometimes solo, sometimes in teams, HIVElings make digital paintings and illustrations, draw comics and animations, write interactive fiction, program video games and procedural art, design books, card games and board games, build installations with AR, Kinect, microcontrollers and electronics, record sound art, compose and perform electronic music, and so on. They hone their practical trade skills by tabling and holding panels at conventions and fests such as PAX, Comic Con, San Japan, Zine Fest, and various pop-ups.

Similar to other SAY Sí studios, the HIVE challenges youth to reflect on the world around them, to do research and to critically analyze art, technology, and other contemporary topics important to them. Students use professional software, rely on technical documentation, learn to troubleshoot projects, and have opportunities to code in a number of different programming languages. Since technology is always evolving, the HIVE fosters a commitment to self-directed and peer-to-peer learning that is beneficial beyond the specific technical skills learned in the studio.