A photograph of a young teenager working diligently on a cermaic pot. She looks to be shaping the curve in the pot.

Visual Arts

SAY Sí’s Visual Arts studio is one of four comprehensive creative youth development programs offered at SAY Sí. Through project-based learning, visual arts students explore a variety of mediums, including drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, installation art, and more. Students hone their skills as professional artists by conducting in-depth research before making artwork, writing artist statements, and participating in critiques. Additionally, visual arts students explore future creative endeavors and careers through visiting artist talks and workshops where students can interact and work with professional contemporary visual artists.

The studio has about five themed exhibits a year, where students are challenged to create work that explores their values and beliefs, as well as the role of the arts as a tool for positive social change within their community. Completed student work is displayed in our gallery that is open to the public; this provides students opportunities to present work in a professional manner and take part in entrepreneurial activities. In addition to exhibiting work in the SAY Sí galleries, visual arts students oftentimes receive opportunities to exhibit artwork in other community spaces, participate in large visual arts competitions, or even be commissioned to create work for patrons.