How You Can Support the Uvalde Community

Mental Health Resources

We know these recent days have been hard. They continue to be challenging. Our hearts continue to hurt for all those affected by the tragedy in Uvalde. It’s so much to take in and process. 

In moments like this, it’s sometimes difficult to see a way forward. But we know that our future can be bright if we choose to prioritize the voices and lives of young people in our community. 

If you want to take action right now, we encourage you to show up for the youth in your community. Listen. Make space. And consider them when making decisions that affect their lives. 

And if you’re a young person feeling scared, confused and hurt right now, we want you to know that your life is important. You are valued. Your voice matters. And you are not alone. 

We are committed to being a community of support for San Antonio’s creative youth, and part of that commitment is sharing resources for anyone in need of support or wanting to take action. Above we have compiled a list of resources that have been shared with us. We will continue to update this list as more resources become available.