Application Closed – thank you for participating! 

Every day, our teachers are doing amazing work for young people. Now more than ever, we want to thank our teachers for making a positive and powerful impact in San Antonio! This portrait contest gives students a chance to celebrate their teachers and say THANKS for being there for us all. Students can nominate a deserving K-9th Grade, Public School teacher by submitting a portrait of that teacher. 

What Do Teachers Get?

Chosen artworks will be shared at and featured on our social media. The teachers whose portraits are chosen will get a $100 HEB gift card (generously sponsored by HEB) to use personally (aka groceries, self-care, (buy yourself flowers!), the good allergy medicine, whatever you need!) as well as a box of art supplies for a class of 25 and a brag plaque featuring a copy of the artwork and name of the artist. 

What’s in the box? Each box varies slightly based on grade level but will include: Markers, pencils, colored pencils/crayons, sketchbooks, and a grade-specific surprise (from Model Magic to Prompted Journals to Face Paint and more)!

How to Enter: 

Students grades Kinder to 9th simply fill out the application and upload an image of your original work of art portraying a portrait of the teacher you are nominating. 

Any medium will be accepted including: Painting/Drawing/Coloring, Photography, Mixed Media/Collage, Song/Spoken Word/Other Audio File, Written Poem, Sculpture, Comic, Digital Drawing or other creative outlets!

Deadline to Submit: 

Sunday, March 21, 2021

How do we select?:

10 teachers will be selected, 1 teacher from each grade level (unless no nominations come in for a grade level then 2nd places will be awarded)

3 things taken into consideration:

  • A complete application
  • the portrait of the teacher
  • the short answer of why you nominated this teacher

Hints & Tips

Do I have to be a skilled experienced artist to apply?

Absolutely not! Portraits of all skill levels are accepted. Be creative and create a portrait of your teacher that says something about them! 

I don’t know how to start?

If you’re looking for some inspiration here are a few tips to get the ball rolling:

  • Think of a time you admired your teacher or saw them do something awesome. Did they teach you something you got really excited about or moved by? Write down everything you remember about that experience.
  • Does your teacher have a school webpage or a picture of them on their virtual classroom? This could be a good image to work from.
  • Are you in zoom class with them? Ask them permission to take a screenshot!
  • Tell another adult at school about the contest and see if they can help you gather an image or information about your teacher that you might want to include in your submission, maybe a picture or some facts about them.

Can I submit multiple teachers?

Students may nominate more than one teacher, submitting a separate and new work of art for each teacher

Can I submit multiple portraits of my teacher? 

Students may not submit more than one work of art or application for the same teacher

How is the artist recognized? 

In addition to online and in communication with teachers and their principals the student’s work and name will be featured on the brag-plaque in the box

Can I nominate a teacher even though I’m not currently in their class?Yes! Teachers you’ve had in the past, teachers your siblings admire, teachers that are in your family or friends of the family – if you know them enough to know they deserve a prize then please submit. You do have to be in grades Kinder to 9th to apply.