SAY Sí ignites the creative power of young people as forces of positive change. We value artists, empower marginalized communities and advance culture.
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2019 Youth Summer FundFest

Join us as we launch our third annual summertime digital fundraising campaign to raise $15,000 by August 30, 2019 in support of SAY Sí’s multidisciplinary creative youth development programs! For this FundFest, we are reaching out to community members like you to make a positive impact on the youth we serve. Throughout the summer, we

Stories Seldom Told: More than Life

On April 19, 2019, SAY Sí will present “Stories Seldom Told: More than Life,” an exhibition examining death as an experience, belief, and industry. With the annual Stories Seldom Told exhibition, student-artists collaboratively create multidisciplinary art installations exploring a social issue they feel aren’t being addressed in their everyday lives. Students vote on their topic

SAY Sí Launches Online Store

In conjunction with our Invisible Threads exhibition, we are launching an online store where you can purchase SAY Sí artwork and support our tuition-free programs!

Scholastic Art Awards Results

The results are in! Click HERE to view 2019 San Antonio Scholastic Art Awards Results. This year only GOLD KEY awarded artwork will be exhibited at SAY Sí. View artwork drop off info HERE.