SAY Si’s mission is to ignite the creative power of young people as forces of positive change. We value artists, empower marginalized communities, and advance culture. Therefore it follows that SAY Sí stands in solidarity with the Back Lives Matter movement.

As educators of youth, it is our responsibility, however, to educate minors in the dangers of protesting – especially in the time of COVID-19. The science is undeniable. So, while we are proud of our staff and students who choose to protest, we are equally concerned about their safety from the virus as well as for safety from the protests themselves. Therefore, we are equally proud and supportive of members of the SAY Sí community who make the informed choice to refrain from street protests due to public health concerns. 

Above all else, we value the health and safety of our community! No one should feel pressured to protest! No one should protest out of FOMO! Everyone should make informed decisions!

There are many other powerful ways to stand in solidarity. Here are some suggestions:

👂LISTEN. Deeply. Learn. Then—

🗣 AMPLIFY the voices of Black people and people of color whose messages SHOULD be heard.

💸 Donate to a BAIL FUND in your area or around the country. (San Antonio Protester Freedom Fund – venmo@SAPFF-MRM)

😷 Donate MEDICAL SUPPLIES to people working as medics at the protests.

🥗 FEED PEOPLE – buy food and water, or make food, and donate it to those who are part of or affected by the protests.

🥛 VOLUNTEER wearing masks at non-hot zone areas to supply food and water.

🥛 VOLUNTEER yourself as an emergency contact for your friends protesting. Give them your number and be available to help them.

🙏 Continue to EDUCATE the people around you – this is also emotional labor, requiring energy-demanding skills: courage, patience, creativity, empathy.

❤️ CONFRONT RACISM wherever you see it, online and with family/friends. A daunting challenge requiring bravery and active love.

📲 SHARE LINKS to every resource for protestors you can find – bail funds, information for those arrested, safety precautions, updates for those in your area, etc.

💰 DONATE directly to frontline people and organizations.

🖋 WRITE articles and blog posts in support of the ongoing protests.

📣 ORGANIZE on your jobs and in your communities for fair and equitable practices.

🛌 REST is revolutionary. It goes against the worst demands of our broken system. Do your best to rest when you can, and take care of yourself and those around you as much as possible.

If you choose to march in protest, it is our responsibility to offer these guidelines for safety:

  • Guidelines as suggested by the CDC HERE
  • The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) told members of Congress that protesters should consider getting tested for COVID-19.
  • Find local testing locations HERE.
  • COVID-19 Hotline: The San Antonio Metropolitan Health District has opened a COVID-19 Hotline for residents to ask questions about the virus. The hotline is available in English and Spanish. Residents can call 210.207.5779.
  • Email questions or requests for presentations to
  • Don’t yell! Use a noisemaker or hold a sign!

Tactics to protect yourself should a protest grow to unrest include:

  • Go with a buddy.
  • Follow the monitors.
  • Wear your mask and social distance as much as possible.

Before Taking Arrest:

  • Make sure you don’t have any outstanding warrants which could prevent your quick release.
  • Notify your support network who have been left instructions for what to do if you are arrested.
  • Show up to the action sober!
  • Avoid wearing contact lenses if possible. 
  • Bring your ID to the action.
  • Write your support contact phone number on your arm.
  • Firmly root yourself in your spirit & purpose.
  • Know your rights! Don’t talk to the police without a lawyer present! Get the officer’s badge number.
  • In San Antonio, if you are unlawfully detained several attorneys offer their legal services pro bono.
    • Ricardo Briones: 210-227-1515
    • Maria Salazar: 210-226-7529
    • Rashin Mazaheri: 210-472-1400
    • Elva Trevino: 210 269-5407
    • San Antonio Bail Fund:


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