Home for Innovation and Video Ecology

The HIVE (Home for Innovation and Video Ecology) is the youngest and second largest SAY Sí studio. There student-artists focus on digital arts, comics, animation, creative coding, game design, new media, transmedia, interactivity, and storytelling through systems.

HIVE challenges youth to think about interactivity, analyze art and new media critically and decide when working collaboratively or working independently are the best modes for getting their ideas across. Students explore new kinds of media and intersections of different media and make anything that they need computers to produce or experience.

In the HIVE students:

  • design characters
  • make comics and animations
  • write interactive fiction (choose your own adventures)
  • design books, card games and board games
  • program big games in Unity3D
  • program small games in PICO-8
  • make procedural art in Processing (processing.org)
  • build augmented reality apps, kinect games and interactive installations
  • map projections on things
  • record podcasts and sound art
  • make digital paintings and stickers and paper crafts

To view games made by teen artists in the program, visit our itch.io page at:  https://say-si.itch.io/